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C4PlusEvents, where magic combines with organization to create extraordinary experiences. We are a new and exciting event planning and management company, bringing creativity and excellence to every celebration. C4 Plus Events is a company that is part of the investment fund managed by C4InvestCapital and is part of C4CC INC. (Conglomerate is a Corporation)

At C4 Plus Events, we believe that each event is an opportunity to surprise and exceed expectations. We are characterized by the luxury and elegance of classic taste and our creative way of adding touches of originality and authenticity in every detail. We want your guests to immerse themselves in a world of wonders and create memories that will last a lifetime.

We are true lovers of fun and believe in the power of entertainment to enrich lives. Our mission is to create epic and memorable moments at every event, where excitement and liberation take center stage. We want every second to be an experience of happiness and complete disconnection from everyday life. Fun is our passion, and our goal is to leave a mark of joy in the lives of our clients.


Meet Our Expert

Cristian Camilo Contreras Castañeda, our CEO, and founder is a bold and visionary leader who has driven the growth and success of C4PlusEvents since its establishment in 2019. As a young entrepreneur and investor, Cristian has demonstrated his ability to identify emerging opportunities and set a clear vision for the future of our corporation.

Dominic Sutherland, as VP and Co-Founder, is the creative mind behind our leading entertainment brands. His vision and leadership have been instrumental in establishing C4PlusEvents as the premier company in comprehensive event planning and management. With extensive experience in the industry, Dominic has been responsible for creating memorable experiences for our clients, whether corporate celebrations or family events. His ability to think outside the box and talent for developing innovative concepts make our proposals unique and exciting.

Lachlan Barrett, as HMDj’s, is the mastermind behind the music in our most thrilling brands like ChimbaAu and ChadsTV. His passion for music and industry experience are essential for managing and coordinating DJs at our events. Lachlan is responsible for selecting the most talented DJs, designing unique programming, and ensuring that each musical experience is of the highest quality for our clients. Additionally, his strategic vision and commitment to the sustainable growth of our brands make him a valuable co-founder of our team.

Our team’s all three members. Together, Cristian Camilo, Dominic, and Lachlan form an exceptional executive team that drives the vision and mission of C4PlusEvents. Their dedication, experience, and talent are fundamental pillars for the success and prosperous future of our corporation. With their leadership, innovation, and passion, we are excited about the opportunities that the future holds in the entertainment and events industry.

The collaboration among these three key figures is a true testament to teamwork and complementarity. Cristian Camilo, Dominic, and Lachlan support each other, sharing ideas and perspectives to elevate each event to a higher level. Their dedication and commitment to excellence are evident in the quality of services we offer and the satisfaction of our clients.


Our Client's Reviews

C4PlusEvents made planning my daughter's wedding a breeze. Their coordinators took care of every detail and found us the perfect venue. Thanks for the awesome event!

John Smith

I hired C4PlusEvents to DJ and do lighting for my company's holiday party. The music and atmosphere were fantastic and really took the event to the next level.

Jackson Hayden

We used C4PlusEvents for bartending services at our fundraising gala. The bartenders were so friendly and professional. Our guests are still raving about the unique cocktails.

Bob Williams
Jack Friedler
Jack Friedler
Appreciate the boys helping me out last minute! Impressed that Dom and Cristian were able to sort me out and put on a great party for us
C4plus events did an outstanding job planning and executing my cushion marriage celebration. From start to finish, their team was professional, detail-oriented, and committed to bringing my vision to life. The planning process was collaborative and smooth. On the day of the event, their coordinators managed everything flawlessly so I could fully enjoy the experience. The end result was a beautifully executed, memorable occasion that exceeded my expectations. C4plus events took all the stress out of organizing such an important cultural event. Their services were worth every penny. I highly recommend them, especially for celebrations like a cushion marriage. They helped make my special day absolute perfection.

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